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氏名 山口 奈緒美
氏名(カナ) ヤマグチ ナオミ
氏名(英語) Yamaguchi Naomi




「How Does Culture Shape Conceptions of Forgiveness? Evidence From Japan and the United States」






Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 50, 5, 659-675


Theories of culture, cognition, and social relations suggest there may be differences in conceptions
of forgiveness between the members of East Asian and Western cultures, but few researchers
have examined this issue. This article builds on previous research on prototypes of forgiveness
in the United States to address the question “What is forgiveness?” in Japan. In Studies 1a and
1b, we investigated Japanese conceptions of forgiveness. Study 2 demonstrated that forgiveness
features that U.S. and Japanese participants generated are meaningfully different. Compared
with Americans, Japanese participants focused more on aspects related to relationship harmony;
they seemed to emphasize an adjustment motive and decisional forgiveness. They also put less
emphasis on emotional forgiveness and attention to individuals in comparison with Americans.
Our results suggest that the high value placed on relationship maintenance in Japan leads to
different understandings of forgiveness. Inclusion of culturally diverse conceptions into the
definition of forgiveness aids further understanding of forgiveness, which, in turn, enhances the
development and application of existing theories.




Minjoo Joo , Kari A. Terzino, Susan E. Cross, Naomi Yamaguchi, and Ken-ichi Ohbuchi