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10年以内の主な研究業績等  【10点まで】


氏名 山口 奈緒美
氏名(カナ) ヤマグチ ナオミ
氏名(英語) Yamaguchi Naomi




「True and hollow forgiveness, forgiveness motives, and conflict resolution」






International Journal of Conflict Management, 24, 2


Purpose – The main aim of this study is to explore the motivational process behind 2 types of forgiveness; true and hollow forgiveness. We predicted victims who engage in true forgiving behavior will have stronger relationship-oriented motives than either those who engage in hollow forgiving behavior or those who do not engage in forgiving behavior. Furthermore, we explored the relationship between true and hollow forgiveness and conflict resolution strategy.
Design/methodology/approach - In study 1, we asked participants to recall personal experiences of being harmed, and they rated the events in terms of forgiveness, motives of forgiveness, resolutions strategies, and satisfaction with outcome. And, in study 2, we presented participants with scenarios depicting individuals who were victimized, and asked participants to read the scenarios imagining themselves as the victim. After that, we measured forgiveness, motives of forgiveness, resolution strategies, and satisfaction with outcome.
Findings - Consistent with our predictions, participants classified as being true forgivers were motivated by relationship-oriented motives. These individuals preferred a collaborative conflict resolution strategy, and tended to be satisfied with the outcome of the conflict. In contrast, participants classified as being hollow forgivers were motivated by the self-oriented reasons, and they preferred avoidance as a conflict resolution strategy. In addition, these individuals were less satisfied with the outcome of the conflict than were the true forgivers.
Originality/value - These findings suggest that perceptions of the conflict resolution process depend on the type of forgiveness.




Naomi TAKADA & Ken-ichi OHBUCHI