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Message from the President

Integrate Learning with Practice

Tohoku Fukushi University pursues the philosophy of theory integrated with practice

TFU has four faculties, including nine departments, in the fields of Welfare, Healthcare, Education and Management. Our mission as a university is to inquire deeply into the truth, developing widespread knowledge and specialized skills in our fields, and building meaningful relationships, with the ultimate aim of creating paths to well-being (happiness) for all mankind.

Since its establishment, our university has been based on Buddhist thought, with “integration of learning and practice” at the heart of our philosophy. Our goal is to help establish a proper welfare society by putting philosophy into practice and always striving to meet the demands of the times.

University education involves pursuit of both self-interest and altruism—to live for yourself means to live for others. Your own well-being is enhanced as you seek the well-being of others, creating harmony between self-interest and altruism. We understand that self and others are inseparable, a concept based in a global world-view and global view of life.

This worldview will certainly turn the energy of young people toward the realization of true happiness for mankind, not toward the naked egoism, strife and struggle seen in modern society.

We take pride in our school as a place where young people can look to the future while focusing on present study and practice, foster meaningful human relationships, and gain the strength of will and energy to make a difference in our society.

Chiba Koji
Tohoku Fukushi University

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